“In these times where poverty abounds everywhere, with mindless violence, natural and ecological disasters, talking about beauty may seem incongruous, inappropriate or even provocative. Almost scandalous. But because of this very situation, we see that beauty counteracts evil; it is in fact quite the opposite to the reality we have to face.I am convinced that our task is urgent and permanent: to unravel these two mysteries that constitute opposing sides of life: on one side, evil; on the other, beauty.” François Cheng




With its experience in ophthalmology, Clarté Laboratoire makes the tolerance of its products its priority, because what is good for the skin around the eyes is good for the skin of the whole face.

Our formulas are preservative-free and undergo sterilisation. 

We also put particular emphasis on the quality of our ingredients, i.e. their origin and degree of purity.

So, our hyaluronic acid is medical-grade, meaning it is of greater purity than that usually used in the cosmetics industry. We use the same hyaluronic acid as for pharmaceutical eye drops.

Our technology is protected by several patents relating both to the manufacturing process and to the bottle (Clarté Air®). 

Indeed, the importance of packaging and maintaining the integrity of our formulas without using specific products to do this is our ultimate quest. 



The function of each of the ingredients in our formulas is explained. 

The products are free from potentially irritating or drying products, meaning they do not contain preservatives, alcohols, silicones or fragrances. Their ingredients list is short with a maximum of 15 items.

In the same way, we are in favour of giving a clear message, because “a well-designed product can be clearly explained”. We do not want to make any false promises, use as few superlatives as possible, and tell the truth.



All our products are designed and made in the south of France. 

Our concept is also closely linked to the Mediterranean, because ever since the era of Ancient Greece, particularly the time of Plato, a relation exists between Truth and Beauty. 

The South of France also inspires us from an aesthetic point of view, whether through its unique light or the artists who lived there. Our logo is a nod to Matisse’s drawings of eyes. We could have chosen many a reference to artists who captured our spirit.